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I can't believe it!  I went to try to find homes for a few buyers and there is nothing out there!!!  Remember when you were in economics class, about supply and demand? Well here is a perfect example.  When supply is low, that drives prices up!  If you want to get the most for your home, now is the time to list it!  There are not that many good homes on the market!!!  If your home is ready for sale, do it now!  Don't wait until Spring when EVERYBODY has their home listed!  Luckily interest rates are low right now and buyers are out looking!!!  Listen to the expert, I say it every year and people wait and they lose out.  Call me today so I can tell you what to do to get your home market ready!!!

Remember, I can list homes anywhere in the metro area!  Hendricks, Morgan, Hamilton, Marion, Hancock, and Shelby county!  Call me I can save you thousands of dollars!

House Smart is a Now A Registered Trademark!

Why House Smart ™ Realty, LLC over the "Big Box" Companies?
Good question!  We are locally owned and operated so we don't have a corporation dictating what we can and cannot do.  This is means savings to our customers.  We have the same technology without the big price.  We offer Visual Tours® on all of our listings that appears on over 40 different websites!  We post our listings on YouTube which is a very popular way of showcasing your home to millions of people across the globe.  We use another fine resource for getting the word out about your home and that is the use of Constant Contact®.  We create professional looking email blasts and target agents in the area, giving them information on the home as well as letting them know the commission rate we are offering if they sell that home! We offer all this and more.  If you want more information on how we work to sell your home please 
go to the SELLERS page.   

BUYERS page has information on how to calculate monthly payments, learn about current financing incentives and complete a free credit application to help get prequalified before we go out.   Credit issues? Contact me so I can help you improve your scores!  In most cases we can offer our customers free services, but if the credit issues are more complexed there are outside companies that charges nominal fees to help.  CBF Institute

Find helpful vendor information on the LINKS page.  You will find government agencies, lenders, inspectors, insurance companies, HOA documents and much more.

We are always looking for seasoned real estate professionals that want to improve their career. We will also have individual training for people that are new to the industry.  Please go to the CONTACT US page if you or someone you know would like more information.   

Check out the Seniors Page for information on selling, buying, moving and more!

Le damos la bienvenida a la communidad hispana para la venta yo compra de su casa.  Email:


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