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Military Benefits

Our military does not get the credit they deserve.  Putting your life on the line for our country should be rewarded, not penalized.  At House Smart
 ™ Realty, LLC we do what we can to help our vets and active military, by finding them quality housing and good programs to finance them. 

In March 2017 I attended another training to help veterans and current military families purchase homes. The author of the Outlaw Platoon was there speaking to us.  We have no idea what our military goes through in a combat situation!  His book gives us some clue of his experience.  He is helping veterans all over our country with donations to buy homes or make necessary repairs on their current home.  If you would like to donate to this charity click American Warriors Initiative.

The training was held at the Indiana War Memorial.  I grew up in Indianapolis and had no idea this building was so beautiful inside,  It really is a sight to behold!  It is open Wednesday - Sunday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  There is a visual tour you can look at CLICK HERE 

I attended a training seminar for Military housing. Sean Parnell, the author of Outlaw Platoon, was there and is a former Captain in the U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division. He talked about his troops' ground combat with enemy soldiers in the mountains of Afghanistan. His story was so powerful and compelling.  I had no idea Parnell and his troops had been through such a gut-wrenching military experience, especially just by looking at this man.  I left this seminar inspired to help honor the brave men and women who have risked their lives in combat so we Americans can live in a free society!  If you would like to read Parnell's story, click on his book image and link to Amazon.  His story moved me to the point that I am more grateful to the military and want to do anything in my power to help them!   


Recent graduate of the Seniors Real Estate Institute.  I took a two day course in Cincinnati and it helped me learn what seniors are looking for when selling their homes.  Not all seniors want to move into assisted living, some just want to have a little more time from everyday chores like mowing the grass, weeding the garden, and plowing and shoveling the driveway in the winter!  Indianapolis and surrounding areas have a lot more options for us...yes I say us, because I am a member of AARP!  Plus I never liked those type of chores! Let me know if you know a senior that is ready to make a move into the simpler life!  

Interesting Fact:
One in 4 Americans is now over the age of 65.  One in 14 are 70!

Home Maintenance and Repairs

Are you sick of home repairs and yard work?  Would you like to buy a home in a maintenance free community?  What if you could purchase your DREAM HOME and never make another payment!  Call me if this appeals to you!

You can now purchase a brand new home with me and a builder and ask me out how I can sell your current home for free!  I work with:  Ryan Homes, Beazer, Westport, Arbor, Fischer, Ryland, Centex, Pulte, Del Webb, Epcon, and more.

How would you like to purchase your Dream Home and never have to make another payment?  And what if you had enough left over so that you could go somewhere warm for the winter???  Ask me how!