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Before you hire a Real Estate Company,
ask yourself these questions:

1.  How long has  this agent been in the business?  Experience does not alway insure the best service, but it might help. I have had my Indiana Real Estate License since 1986.

2.  How many listings does this agent have?  If the agent handles too many listings, what kind of attention is your house going to receive? Read More...

Home Staging:“Staging is not about decorating your home, it’s about selling your house.” said by Barb Schwarz, the Creator of Home Staging®.  She also says, "how you live in your home and how you sell are two different things."  This is so true, and I have been privileged to have been trained by her on home staging. As an  Accredited Staging Professional ASP®  I can show you how de-cluttering, cleaning and painting will increase your sales price by thousands of dollars.  If you were selling a car you would have it detailed to get top dollar, why not detail your house to get top dollar?  

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Our Home Staging Group

 Click here see recent home staging stats:  STAGING STATS- pdf

Don't confuse staging with interior decorating. Protect the value of your home by showing it at its very best.  You can intelligently maximize its market presentation and command a higher price even in a difficult Real Estate market. 



The challenges of getting your home ready for sale are overwhelming, emotionally and physically.  Cleaning, painting, packing, re-organizing, doing the ‘yard sale’, repairing problems you’ve lived with for years….the list goes on and on.  But the truth is that most of us are unfamiliar with the refinements and techniques needed to sell a home quickly and for the greatest possible return.  We’ve become so comfortable with our home that we don’t have a good grasp of what sells and why. And, we are far less aware of visual elements that create universal appeal.  That's why when you sell your home, you need someone with home staging credentials. My services are free with every listing!

Of course being members of the National Board of Realtors®, your house will be listed on their site giving thousands of agents access to information on the property. Buyers can also search for homes with slightly limited details.  

When we list properties we use all forms of internet advertising available.  Nowadays it’s estimated that 90%* of home buyers look for homes on the web before they see them in person or drive by. That's why we think it's important to have attractive internet ads in as many places as possible.

*Stats from the National Association of Realtors, dated 12-9-09.   

We are happy to share more of our marketing techniques with our clients, rather than listing everything here for our competitors to utilize to their benefit.If you'd like to hear more on what your home is worth and our marketing program to get it sold, please contact us for a FREE consultation!  Click here to see a copy of my ASP certification. 

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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate is best left up to the experts.  If you are interested in buying or selling commercial property, please let me know I will refer you to a colleague that specializes in that field.

*Stats from the National Association of Realtors, dated 12-9-09. 

Utility Insurance

Most utility companies offer a very inexpensive insurance in case of damage to the water and sewer lines.  Call me if you want a brochure and to see if your home qualifies for the Insurance!

Beyond the backhoe? Sewer line replacement alternatives

Beyond the backhoe? Sewer line replacement alternatives
Traditional sewer line replacement used to be your only option, but now there's trenchless technology and pipe bursting. (Photo courtesy of Rick Adams)

Traditional sewer line replacement used to be your only option, but now there's trenchless technology and pipe bursting. (Photo courtesy of Rick Adams)

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Printable Home Selling Guide:

Selling a Home  
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It’s a tough market out there, but you can do some things that will help you sell your home faster and for more money.

You know what you look for when you are buying a home, but sometimes it's hard to see what we need to do to sell our own home. Step back and take a look at your home from an outsider's point of view. You might even ask a friend to help give you their honest opinion about what needs to be done. Remember, honesty is the key word here. Promise your friend you will not be offended by their opinion and of course make sure it’s the opinion of someone you really respect.

Use these tips as a guideline to help you sell faster and for the most money!

Always remember, if you turn down a showing you could be losing a potential buyer for your home. Be ready for showings at the last minute. It can be inconvenient, but you never know that one showing could be with the one that falls in love with your home and makes an offer!

First Time Home Buyers Have Questions About The $8000 Tax Credit

If you purchased a home back in 2009 and received a tax credit, do you have to pay back the credit if you sell the house?

A. You repay the full or part of the credit as an additional tax on your tax return when the home stops being your main home during the 36-month period following the date you purchased your home. 

You must repay the full credit when:

  • You sold your main home to a related person or entity
  • Your home is destroyed, condemned or disposed of under threat of condemnation and you do not purchase or rebuild a replacement home within two years.
  • You converted the entire home to a rental or business property.
  • You converted the home to a vacation or second home.
  • You no longer live in the home for the greater number of nights in a year.

For more information IRS

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